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Formulas from
Seven Weeks to Sobriety
Formulas from
Depression Free, Naturally
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" The dosages have been tested and fine tuned over 25 years of observance at
Health Recovery Center. In doing so, I have come to understand that there is a vast difference in quality, freshness, and absorb-ability among nutrients. NOT all nutrients are created equal!"

"After my first book was published I heard from so many readers who had purchased products that absorbed poorly because they bought tablets rather than capsules. Some products weren't fresh, or weren't made from the best sources and so worked poorly. At that point I sat down and specifically formulated every bottle of nutrients in my detox formulas in this book for maximum effectiveness and lowest costs possible. I did so because your rapid recovery depends on you using the purest, most absorbable, nutrients available. You now can easily obtain the same high quality nutrients that we use at Health Recovery Center."

Dr Joan Mathews-Larson


Bio-Recovery sells the same nutrients used at the Health Recovery Center

We sell the same nutrients used at the Health Recovery Center holistic health clinic. Unlike traditional mental health care facilities, the success of HRC's program is tied directly to the nutrients they prescribe so no expense is spared to insure these products incorporate the latest scientific research with the highest quality features*.

Bio-Recovery products match the formulas outlined in the book Seven Weeks to Sobriety so you don't have to search for compatible products to match the requirements of a formula.

We often send accompanying schedules and information sheets that reflect any modifications made by Dr. Larson to update her books. These directions help to take the guesswork out of administering a formula to yourself without a holistic health practitioner on hand.

Bio-Recovery's knowledgeable staff is always ready at 1-800-247-6237 to help with any questions pertaining to a formula and its use.

The cost of Ground shipping in the Continental US is Free for orders over $300.00 and $8.95 for orders less than $300.00.Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii as well as all other services are per quote, Call 1-800-247-6237.

If you compare how much you get from Bio-Recovery nutrients versus the other brands, you'll see that Bio-Recovery is the better value. But don't let price be your only consideration, consider freshness, potency, and quality. Better and less expensive than many lesser grade items found at health food stores- Bio-Recovery has them beat*.

The programs outlined in the book Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally have been developed and tested at Health Recovery Center for over 18 years. The success of your own recovery program will be directly affected by the products that you use. Using the same products HRC uses will insure quality; buying those products from Bio-Recovery will insure value.

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